Monday, January 31, 2011

Online Movies article

In the layman’s language entertainment is a fine collection of art. Entertainment is the best source through which you can feel free from the worries for some moments. Source of entertainment makes the huge difference in our life now days. All aged person have different taste. Child loves animated series, youngsters love action, drama, romantic .So everyone have different taste. There are many sources of the entertainment present in the world but most two preferred sources are big cinema screen know as movies & small television screen know as television shows. These are most demanded sources of the entertainment world. Now a day’s latest technology helps people to watch everything online because most of the people think that the internet is a need now a day’s & television is the luxury. Now a day’s internet is also provided these services that why internet world is also famous. Major advantage of the watching online is that they will not take much effort from your side. Just sit & enjoy what you want to enjoy. Many people from this gets earning due to huge involvement of people in this entertainment world. Cinema is the main source which gets advantage because it is a excusive source of entertainment. Many shows provide us many different types of entertainment. Movies makes new trends, children may not remind what they ate last night but they remember full fledge story of movie they watched last week. So it is a very good source of knowledge also.
Film industry as well as television shows are very famous name in the television show industry. Many games these days, especially 3D game are also introduced on the theme of the many animated characters like batman, spider man. Many mini movies are also introduced on this theme. Some says that movies are mirror of the world, what happens around us, our problems can be discussed through movies. It’s a good source of communication or delivering our message. Friday is the movie release date because in upcoming days satuday & Sundays. On week end we normally seek some refreshment some goes for outing & some prefer to watch movies online. But now a days its time of latest technologies which makes our life more easy & comfortable. Its normal that within some hours latest released movies will be available on internet for free. Many good or bad links some work properly but not. Watching Online movies is time saving, money saving & effort saving. Nothing much required for it & in result you getting maximum results.
View movies online is a very prominent & easy task. Everyone enjoys it. People really like the online movies concept. You can try out some respective sites online movies leads sites. No forget your worry & enjoy movies online for free.

Friday, August 27, 2010

article on SOUTH PARK 2

Every person want some moments to be free from his worries & his discomforts so that he can also enjoy some of his moments whether with his family, friends or with the main entertainment source i.e. TV. Television is the best medium now a days for everyone in the world. Television makes a huge difference in our life now days. In many ways TV teaches us a lots of thing whether they may be good or they may be bad. Many shows provide us many different types of entertainment. Youngsters like some actin, horror & romantic shows most. On the other hand aged person likes drama etc which can entertain them daily due to this habit some shows comes across know as daily soaps.TV is not a small screen anymore because it gets same importance now a days as movies get. Some of the shows are so much famous that they are liked across the world. Major television channels get more & better revenue than the big banners of entertainment brands. That why many tv shows are present on the online on the internet also. Internet is the worldwide used that’s why many people use them. As people used to see movies online for free on this theme many television shows are also provided on the internet. People like to watch them online because most of the people think that the internet is the need now a day’s & television is the luxury.
Television shows likes South Park are very well know name in the television show industry. Many games now a days 3D game are also introduced on the theme of the South Park tv show. Many mini movies are also introduced on this theme. It is basically American animated television series which undertakes many topics like humor, crude etc. There are total five main animated characters named Eric Cartman,Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski and Kenny McCormick which lives in a small hometown Colorado. Matt Stone & Trey Parker for Comedy Central television network. In this tv shows artist like Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Mona Marshall, Stewart gives their voices to the characters which are present in the tv show. Many awards are also won by this tv show. The characters in this are loved by the people in many countries. The basic idea behind this tv show was just try out a new experience under new cartoon animated character but they never know that this tv show will be liked by the people so much that they didn’t expected. South park has so much craze in people it became a brand t-shirts, accessories are very much famous in people.
South Park is the well known tv show which gets very much good remarks from everyone who watches it. It’s a very fun & loving to watch. More over this is available online for free on internet for free. You can watch online all of the seasons of this tv show. Major advantage to watch this tv show online that you get your time saved from the useless advertisement etc.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

article-DEXTER tv show

Entertainment is important in every one’s life. Entertainment can be music, movie, cinema, theatre and sports games and TV serials etc. Some people like watching movies, sports games, news, wrestling, TV shows and comedy shows. But due to busy schedule in everybody’s life, life is becoming fast and fast and they can’t amuse themselves. Internet is another way to get entertained like we can watch movies, play games, watch TV show, watch comedy show etc at any time. If we want to watch any movie or TV show or play games we just need to write the url or keyword in Google and we get all website results related to it like videos, reviews etc and etc. Internet is an online program. I like watching TV shows and my first favorite show is Dexter and than others.
The Dexter is the drama TV show which airs or broadcast on Pay TV channel Showtime. It is an American Show which was premiered on October 1, 2006. The title Dexter gives us hint that it is a name of a person. Dexter Morgan is the main character in the story and Debra the sister of Dexter, Trinity Killer, LaGuerta and Batista are the supporting character. Dexter is an investigator in Miami Metro Police department who investigates on homicides (a Blood Spatter Analyst).Dexter is a serial killer who kills criminals in the code name of Harry and ensures that Dexter never get caught. The first Season of Dexter which was littlie based on the theme of novel Dark Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. For the Portrayal of Dexter, Michael C. Hall got many awards including Golden Globe. The most successful season of Dexter was the season 4 episode 12 (The Gateway) which was on December 13, 2009 and its viewers were about 2.6 million around the world. The episode was filled with full of suspense and thriller. In this episode police closes on Trinity Killer, cautions Dexter and Dexter can do anything to get his man whether he is doing it in legal way or in an illegal way.
I always watch TV show online because it is not time consuming, showing us advertisements. Watch free seasons of Dexter from season 1 to season 4 without any pop-ups at .

article-south park

Entertainment is the need of every human being in this world. With the passage of time & the technology needs also change. Entertainment is the past time was only represented by movies but now a day’s television small screen is giving full competition to the big screen. Every person seeks some moments which make him happy & provide some moments free from all the worries of the world. In some matters television provide better entertainment rather than movies. Not one can see same movie of three hours daily. Television provides new taste & new spice which entertain the world more regularly. Now a days there is more competition between tv channels make a better world of fun & enjoyment to the people because more competition in the tv world will create more & more options of choices for a person. Due to the huge investment television get more & more attention of the world. That why companies are investing more & more on television through providing television shows online with high quality videos. Television stars are not lesser stars than the movies stars. Television provides all type of entertainment. There are so many different shades in the world. Without entertainment no one can live life became hell. Its up to him how her can entertainment himself what he/she loves to do.
Trey Parker and Matt Stone both worked for Comedy Central television network is basically American animated television series which undertakes many topics like its crude, surreal, humor. There are main four child characters named Eric Cartman,Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski and Kenny McCormick which lives in a small hometown Colorado. South Park was started at August 13, 1997 with blast success with a very high rating .In the thirteen seasons mainly 202 episodes were telecasted & recently fourteenth season in March 17,2010 .Another seasons is under construction. South Park is getting more & more success day by day. Another things like editing , voices etc are also famous about this tv show. Voices which had major hands in success of the show are Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Mona Marshall, Stewart. These all were in high demand after the success. South Park got the four times Awards. Basic & situational comedy is show which makes it so funny to watch & its animation is also a-one level. Many shows copied the character & story line but they never get succeeded. South Park is the one of the best creation of american tv shows. Many short movies, video games,3-D games etc came on the this south park television show. Some of them are under construction.
South Park is the tv show which provide us lots of enjoyment to us. It’s very fun loving to watch. You can get it online for free without any condition to pay anything to anyone. So gets ready & do watch it online without much tension of advertisements. One of the fine creation in the tv world. Enjoy what you want to enjoy with full freedom. You can watch south park full seasons online also.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Touching Story::::

A boy loved a girl bt grl hated him.Boy said tht he'll change her hatred into luv & said tht he'll Stand infront of her house till nxt 100 dayz.Storms n Rains came bt boy didn't moved.The grl startd falling luv wit him on 99th day.Girl decided tht she wil say tht she also loves him.Wit the rise of sun of 100th day the girl went out bt boy wasn't there.she found a paper on which it was written "tu ghat beh k tinde kha,teri gwandan set ho gyi.."
MORAL: Pyar mile ta kadar karo,,,HAWA na kro.........!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Television is a vast medium of entertainment now a days. People want to take rest from their worries that why television is so much popular in every one. Movies entertain people for short period of time but television or tv serials provide daily dose of entertainment to people around the world. This short screen is not too short than big multiplex screen .Tv shows actors are as famous as the Hollywood actors. There are many type of tv shows are famous some are based on reality, some based on drama,action,comedy etc. but all have the intension to make people enjoy for some time so that they can get some rest from the worries of this worthless world. On the other hand internet make this world more synchronized that every can watch he want to watch online for free whether movies or television shows online for free & some also provide option of downloading which makes everything easy. So if a person missed a episode or missed a season he can see the required episodes or seasons without paying anything. TV show makes feels people feel that these things are actually happened with them. Searching on search engines like Google makes people realize that whole world is present on the internet also.
True blood tv show series is based on the The Southern Vampire Mysteries series of novels by Charlaine Harris, and its all about details the co-existence of vampires and humans in Bon Temps, a fictional small Louisiana town. This tv show is created & produced by Alan Ball. First time this show was telecasted on September 7, 2008.It is a co production with Ball's production company. Another season is on air since July 30, 2009. This tv show provide us good scope of entertainment & excitement than any other tv show provide to audience. It going popular & popular day by day. This American tv show is providing good action, drama to all the people. Another season of the tv show is under creation & we hope it also will rock the world. Character like Jason Stackhouse, so funny & dumb to watch makes huge humor between audiences. On the other hand Amy who is his girl friend is another very weird character .True blood is going over all a well due to its story line up, editing, star cast. True Blood is also get some comparison with movies like twilight series. Due to its story line up it also get criticized but never the less its going higher & higher in ranging of audience. Basically this tv show is Sookie Stackhouse, a barmaid living in Louisiana who have power to just read the minds of the people. But once a vampire came in their life then life how get changed.
These type of tv shows are pleasure to watch .You can also watch them online whenever you get time you can watch them online for free without the boring advertisements etc.This will defiantly save you time also. Enjoy what you want to enjoy with full freedom. You can watch true blood full seasons online also.

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