Friday, August 27, 2010

article on SOUTH PARK 2

Every person want some moments to be free from his worries & his discomforts so that he can also enjoy some of his moments whether with his family, friends or with the main entertainment source i.e. TV. Television is the best medium now a days for everyone in the world. Television makes a huge difference in our life now days. In many ways TV teaches us a lots of thing whether they may be good or they may be bad. Many shows provide us many different types of entertainment. Youngsters like some actin, horror & romantic shows most. On the other hand aged person likes drama etc which can entertain them daily due to this habit some shows comes across know as daily soaps.TV is not a small screen anymore because it gets same importance now a days as movies get. Some of the shows are so much famous that they are liked across the world. Major television channels get more & better revenue than the big banners of entertainment brands. That why many tv shows are present on the online on the internet also. Internet is the worldwide used that’s why many people use them. As people used to see movies online for free on this theme many television shows are also provided on the internet. People like to watch them online because most of the people think that the internet is the need now a day’s & television is the luxury.
Television shows likes South Park are very well know name in the television show industry. Many games now a days 3D game are also introduced on the theme of the South Park tv show. Many mini movies are also introduced on this theme. It is basically American animated television series which undertakes many topics like humor, crude etc. There are total five main animated characters named Eric Cartman,Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski and Kenny McCormick which lives in a small hometown Colorado. Matt Stone & Trey Parker for Comedy Central television network. In this tv shows artist like Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Mona Marshall, Stewart gives their voices to the characters which are present in the tv show. Many awards are also won by this tv show. The characters in this are loved by the people in many countries. The basic idea behind this tv show was just try out a new experience under new cartoon animated character but they never know that this tv show will be liked by the people so much that they didn’t expected. South park has so much craze in people it became a brand t-shirts, accessories are very much famous in people.
South Park is the well known tv show which gets very much good remarks from everyone who watches it. It’s a very fun & loving to watch. More over this is available online for free on internet for free. You can watch online all of the seasons of this tv show. Major advantage to watch this tv show online that you get your time saved from the useless advertisement etc.

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